Give your PC or Mac a new found sense of speed with an SSD Upgrade.

An SSD is a ‘Solid State Drive’, and it replaces the spinning magnetic drive found in many older PCs. An SSD has no moving parts, and uses the same type of ‘flash’ memory found in mobile phones and tablets, which is much faster than the magnetic drives of yesteryear. An SSD will vastly improve the performance of your computer – it will start up faster and load applications faster.

We will:

  • Check

    Check your system and confirm a compatible upgrade part.

  • Advise

    We give advice about upgrade alternatives in advance of the assembly.

  • Install

    Install the new SSD storage component.

  • Configure

    Install any necessary drivers or updates.

  • Test

    We make sure that everything is running as it should be.

We only use high quality SanDisk SSD components. Drop off and Collect from our Burnley office.

Sandisk Solid State Drive

Compatible with most computers, PC and Mac.


High quality SanDisk drive.

SSD Pricing

120GB – £55 inc. VAT

240GB – £75 inc. VAT

480GB – £135 inc. VAT

960GB – £260 inc. VAT

Optional USB Enclosure

2.5″ USB 3.0 Enclosure – £15 inc VAT
Repurpose your old HDD as a portable USB drive.

SSD Upgrade Service

Workshop Upgrade – *OFFER* £30 inc VAT

We will upgrade your laptop / desktop for you, it will be exactly the same but much faster!

Complete the form below to take advantage of this offer, we’ll call you back to book the device in.

    Yes (£30)


    120Gb (£55)240Gb (£75)480Gb (£135)960Gb (£260)

    Yes (£15)No (£0)